My Fall Semester Classes

Political Science 334 – Political Parties and Elections in America (3)
Structure and function of political parties; conduct of elections; pressure groups.

Political Science 471C2 – US Constitutional Reform (3)
The study of the Constitution (and possible amendments) in the modern political environment.







Classes I have taught in previous semesters at UMW

Political Science 201 – American Government (3)
Principles of Political Science as applied to American national government.

Political Science 202 – American Public Policy (3)
A study of selected issues in public policy, including those related to the economy, health care, poverty, education, and the environment.

Political Science 312 – The American Presidency (3)
Analysis of the modern Presidency and its role in the American political system.
(Writing Intensive course)

Political Science 363 – Mass Media Politics (3)
Study of the role of the mass media in shaping political attitudes and events.
(PSCI 363 also serves as an elective course in the digital studies minor and in the journalism special major)

Political Science 391 – Research and Writing in Political Science (3)
Principles of research and writing techniques for political science.
(Writing Intensive course, Speaking Intensive course)

Political Science 443 – Modern Political Analysis (3)
Study of the theories and application of modern political analysis.

Political Science 450 – US Political Film (3)
Analysis of US political film in its political and cultural contexts.
(PSCI 450 also serves as an elective course in the digital studies minor)

Internships, Honors Projects, Independent Studies