Sen. Warner to UMW students: Be prepared for ‘radically different economy’ (Free-Lance Star)

free lance star

By Lindley Estes, Free Lance Star

Sen. Mark Warner said that when he graduated from college in the 1980s, he had the freedom to fail.

He had the opportunity to pay back $15,000 in school loans while using savings to invest in an energy company that failed. He also failed at real estate for six months, before making it big in the technology sphere as an early investor in Nextel. That success eventually helped him break into politics.

He told a class of 100 students at the University of Mary Washington on Friday afternoon that “you guys, as you graduate, will go into a radically different economy than we’ve ever seen, than when I graduated. … The fundamental idea that someone can get a job and work for that company for 40 years is disappearing.”

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