Farnsworth Lectures on Disinformation

Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science and director of the University’s Center for Leadership and Media Studies, recently delivered an online lecture, "The Political Advantages - and Civic Dangers - of Disinformation," to the Sorensen High School Leaders Program of the University of Virginia. The talk drew from Dr. Farnsworth's current book project on disinformation. Dr. Farnsworth also appeared in the following news stories: Political opponents, yes, but Virginia’s gubernatorial candidates share a taste for pricey Zip codes (The Washington Post) With Biden coming to campaign, Virginia’s race for governor takes on national overtones. But where’s Trump? (The Washington Post; MSN.com; Westport News) ‘It’s a Moral Issue’: Virginia Families Need Affordable Child Care and Paid Leave (Virginia Dogwood) Farnsworth discusses Capitol Hill riot hearings (CP24.com) Eleanor Clift on Glenn Youngkin: “A Trumpy Wannabe Tries to Spend His Way to Victory in Va.” (Blue Virginia; The Daily Beast) Republican moderates, nearly extinct, must now seek permission to veer from Trumpist orthodoxy (The New Jersey Herald; Burlington County Times)