In Bellwether Virginia House District, a Democrat Builds Momentum (Courthouse News)

Dr. Stephen Farnsworth, a professor of political science and director of the University of Mary Washington’s Center for Leadership and Media Studies in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has been watching the 10th district for years and did an analysis of the 2016 vote there.

Farnsworth said Comstock received more votes than Donald Trump in every single precinct, but growing displeasure with the president and his rhetoric has significantly winnowed her support.
“It’s very hard for Comstock’s people to chart an independent course from Trump when the president dominates every single news cycle,” he said. “What Comstock has to do is thread a needle. She has to figure out a way to keep the Trump supporters sufficiently engaged to support her but at the same time, not be seen as so pro-Trump that you lose more moderate voters.

“If she loses the district, she loses it because of Trump,” he said.

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