What can Joe Biden use against Donald Trump? (Pravda, Slovakia)

Stephen Farnsworth, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Director, Center for Leadership and Media Studies, University of Mary Washington said: “In this moment of crisis, Joe Biden’s exceptionally long record of public service is his greatest asset. When compared to the chaotic Trump presidency , Biden’s years as a senator and as Vice President offer a professional approach that may comfort anxious voters in the midst of deep health and economic troubles.”

“Biden needs to do well with younger voters who backed Bernie Sanders. They need to remain excited about politics so they will turn out in November. Choosing a more liberal running mate, like Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren , could help with that.”

“President Trump is very good at attacking opponents and now Biden will have to be more effective in countering attacks than he has been in past elections.”

Link to English translation: https://matisak.wordpress.com/2020/04/09/what-can-joe-biden-use-against-donald-trump/