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Taking the political temperature with UMW’s new poll (Daily Press)

University of Mary Washington’s latest poll can tell you something about how Virginians are thinking about November’s statewide races or President Donald Trump.

“Americans are angry and frustrated, as they have been for years,” UMW political scientist Steve Farnsworth said. “The election of President Trump, and his first six months in office, did not change those general public feelings of cynicism that have been prominent in US public opinion since the 1960s.”

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Virginia Republican’s ad ties opponent to MS-13. Democrats compare it to ‘Willie Horton’ (Washington Post)

Stephen Farnsworth, a political scientist at the University of Mary Washington, said the commercial is the kind of ad to be expected in Virginia’s usually combative elections, but a sharp contrast from the “largely respectful tone” of the debate.

“It’s a powerful message to swing voters, who are far more concerned about their communities than what President Trump said today,” Farnsworth said in an email.

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Gillespie keeps the door open to campaigning with Trump. Would it help or hurt in Virginia? (Washington Post)

Stephen J. Farnsworth, a political scientist at the University of Mary Washington, does not believe a Trump rally would do Gillespie much good: “Northam probably gains at least as much as Gillespie does should Trump campaign shoulder to shoulder with Gillespie,” he said. “The University of Mary Washington poll out this week shows that Gillespie already has the support of nearly all Trump voters. There’s no real evidence in the UMW survey that Corey Stewart voters are nursing a grudge and plan to punish Gillespie. My guess is the fact that Stewart is running for Senate in 2018 has taken the string out of the gubernatorial primary defeat for most of his backers.”

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