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Judge Orders New York to Hold Democratic Primary (Courthouse News Service)

“Holding a presidential primary in the midst of a health pandemic makes little sense when there is only one viable candidate remaining,” Stephen J. Farnsworth, director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies at University of Mary Washington told Courthouse News Tuesday evening. “If this order remains in place, I imagine turnout will be tiny, given both the health crisis and the fact that this primary that no longer means much of anything to the Democratic presidential nomination process,” he added.

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Ibraheem Samirah Is Nowhere Near Done Messing With the Way Virginia Does Politics (Washingtonian)

“I think a lot of Democrats would be happiest if this story faded from public memory,” says Stephen Farnsworth, a University of Mary Washington professor who closely watches Virginia politics. “It’s not the sort of thing that endears the party to voters in competitive districts.”

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Democrats winning fundraising battle as election nears (Chesterfield Observer)

“These are unusually strong numbers for challengers,” says Stephen Farnsworth, a professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington. “Challengers usually find it difficult to compete with incumbents when it comes to raising money, but [in] the Barnett/Robinson and the Cox/Bynum-Coleman races, you see that those challengers are doing what few challengers do: raise money in amounts comparable to incumbents.”

Generally, Farnsworth says both parties are putting a lot of money into Chesterfield races, calling it “the equivalent of a financial arms race.”

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Trump turns to Twitter to fight back against impeachment (KOMO-TV)

“Trump’s mastery of Twitter helped him become president, but that medium is not well suited for advancing legal arguments,” said Stephen Farnsworth, director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies at the University of Mary Washington and author of “Presidential Communication and Character: White House News Management from Clinton and Cable to Twitter and Trump.”

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