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C-SPAN: Washington Classroom with Stephen Farnsworth

C-SpanStephen Farnsworth, professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington, talked about the press and the presidency, and the changing media environment on C-SPAN's Washington classroom. The program aired nationally on April 26.

This course was a joint educational partnership between C-SPAN, the Washington Center, George Mason University, and Purdue University.

The semester focused on "The Presidency, Congress, and Media," examining all facets of politics in the TV and digital age, taking a look at the issues and events shaping the agenda for the next Congress and next round of elections, as well as the historical process of public policy making. Additionally, the class analyzes the changing role of media, especially social media, in shaping public opinion.

Link to program

Evolution of Presidential Debates

Stephen Farnsworth, Robert Lichter, Rob Richie, and Carolyn Curiel talked about the evolution of presidential debates. They discussed the candidates' performances in the first two presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney, and analyzed prior presidential debates as well. College students in remote classrooms participated in the questioning.