Retirement Of Longtime Fairfax Supervisor Prompts Contested Race (WAMU-FM)


The Sully District is an area on the far western fringe of Fairfax County, 29 precincts that stretch from Centreville through the southern edge of Dulles International Airport into the suburbs of Chantilly. Although a majority of the precincts were won by Republican candidate Barbara Comstock during her race for Congress last year, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner ended up winning his four times as many precincts here as Republican challenger Ed Gillespie.

Longtime Supervisor Michael Frey is retiring this year, opening the door to one of the hottest races in Fairfax County.

“The Sully District is one of the most conservative districts of Fairfax County,” says Stephen Farnsworth at the University of Mary Washington. “So for Democrats and Republicans to now be looking at this as a swing district, and no doubt with an open seat it is, that speaks volumes about the changes within Fairfax County.”

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