Richmond Times-Dispatch & WTOP: VA Campaign Heats Up

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Va. governor’s race shifting into high gear
Richmond Times-Dispatch
September 1, 2013

On Monday, both major party candidates for governor will descend on the rural Blue Ridge Mountain enclave of Buena Vista for the annual Labor Day parade.

It historically has been seen as a symbolic kickoff to the political campaign season, recognizing that families are shaking beach sand from their shoes and starting to pack school lunches……

Stephen J. Farnsworth, a politics professor at University of Mary Washington, said an indictment or resignation by the governor “can upset everything” in the Cuccinelli-McAuliffe race. He referred to a dynamic in which people look at the transgressions or successes of an officeholder and punish or reward that candidate’s party.

“If something happens to change the status quo with the governor it’s going to be very, very painful for the Republican candidate,” he said.

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wtopExpect carpet bombing as Va. campaigns heat up
WTOP Radio
September 2, 2013

WASHINGTON – There are only two months until Virginia’s governor election, and candidates are expected to pick up the pace. With Labor Day over and summer fading out, the campaign for governor could get dramatic.

“The campaigns will both engage in carpet bombing on the television between now and election day,” says University of Mary Washington’s Steve Farnsworth. For Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the key to winning could be getting other Democrats out to vote.

“[Ken] Cuccinelli has the advantage of being Republican in a state that still, I think, tilts a bit more Republican than Democrat.

But while Republicans may have an affiliation advantage in Virginia, Farnsworth says scandals involving both Cuccinelli and incumbent Gov. Bob McDonnell may sway GOP turnout and the all important independent vote.

Overall, Farnsworth says both parties are looking to Virginia as an indicator of how 2014 midterm elections will shake out for Congress.