C-SPAN: Dr. Farnsworth Discusses Book: The Nightly News Nightmare

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The Nightly News Nightmare: Media Coverage of U.S. Presidential Elections, 1988-2008

By Stephen J. Farnsworth and S. Robert Lichter

The Nightly News Nightmare, Third Edition, examines news coverage of presidential nomination and election campaigns from 1988 to 2008. The book focuses on changes in the amount, tone, and focus of news coverage in these different electoral contexts. In addition to network news, the authors examine online news, cable television, talk radio, candidate campaign discourse in these election years. Farnsworth and Lichter find that the news media, despite the wide variety of outlets, have consistent problems in terms of fairness and focus on substantive matters rather than the horse-race reporting of the latest polls. The authors conclude that online news had many of the same problems found in mainstream news coverage.

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