Challenge To Virginia Abortion Regulations Goes Forward (WAMU)

WAMU Challenge To Virginia Abortion Regulations Goes Forward

By Michael Lee Pope, WAMU, October 10, 2013

The court challenge to Virginia's abortion regulations is going forward over the objections of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.An Arlington judge is allowing a lawsuit filed by a Falls Church abortion clinic over strict new regulations to go forward.

The Virginia Board of Health, supported by Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, asked the judge to toss out the lawsuit filed earlier this year by the Falls Church Healthcare Center. But the judge said he wants the lawsuit to get a full hearing, so that appellate courts can ultimately decide the fate of the strict new regulations on abortion clinics.

In April, the Board of Health gave final approval to new regulations that would require that abortion clinics meet the same strict building standards as newly constructed hospitals. They had previously been regulated as outpatient clinics, and the expectation was that these regulations would cause most of the state's existing clinics to close.....

"The most effective way for a Republican candidate to win statewide is not talk about social issues," says University of Mary Washington professor Stephen Farnsworth. "And so every day that the Virginia campaign focuses on abortion is a bad day for Ken Cuccinelli."