Editorial: Virginia Should Expand Medicaid (The Free Lance-Star)

free lance star Virginia, which can’t afford Medicaid expansion, is the eighth wealthiest state in the country by per-capita income. West Virginia, No. 47, and Kentucky, No. 44, feel financially secure enough to help their residents. Somehow, our legislature doesn’t feel that we are.

And we’re not exactly inundating the needy with state aid right now. We are 49th in the country in Medicaid expenditure per capita.

A study in October, under the direction of Stephen J. Farnsworth, professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington and director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies, shows that 64 percent of Virginians favor Medicaid expansion while 29 percent oppose it.

Wyoming and Utah, a couple of decidedly red states, are moving closer to accepting Medicaid expansion. In Tennessee and North Carolina, Republican governors are showing some support for it. Twenty-seven states and the District of Columbia are on board with either Medicaid expansion or their own alternatives.

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