Farnsworth Shares Primary Predictions on WTOP

Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies Stephen Farnsworth shared his political predictions with Washington, D.C.-based radio station WTOP. In the segment, titled "Primary in Virginia," Farnsworth said, "I think Nikki Haley will do better in Virginia than she will do in most of the other states on Super Tuesday."


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What Virginia voters need to know for Super Tuesday (DC News Now; Yahoo News)

“You have an opportunity for independents or more moderate people to vote in a Republican primary,” said Stephen Farnsworth, a political science professor at the University of Mary Washington.


U.S. Supreme Court rules Trump can stay on Colorado ballot (CHCH TV Hamilton Ontario)

“The main thing that the Supreme Court decided to do today was to set up the process to proceed with Donald Trump on the ballot. Now, that’s where the status quo was right now but there was some question about whether or not some of the individual states would be able to take Donald Trump off the primary ballot. The Supreme Court basically finishes that question. It settles this matter. Donald Trump will be on the ballot in the primaries for all of the states, said Stephen Farnsworth.


Saturday is the last day to vote early in Virginia’s presidential primary (Prince William Times)

Stephen Farnsworth, a professor of political science and media at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, said the early voting numbers are lackluster across the state. “The early voting numbers are abysmal,” Farnsworth said. “But blame that on the lack of competition in the Democratic and Republican primaries rather than the early voting system itself.”


Haley Secures First Victory of Primaries (CP 24)

“This is good news for Donald Trump that he can stay on the ballot now. There is, of course, an advantage for Joe Biden as well here because every time that people talk about the insurrection, whether Trump wins in court or not, it reminds voters that Donald Trump is the candidate who tried to help keep himself in power even after he lost the election and Joe Biden is the candidate who generally represents law and order, said Stephen Farnsworth.


Nikki Haley rallies in Northern Virginia ahead of Super Tuesday (DC News Now)

Stephen Farnsworth, a political professor at the University of Mary Washington, told DC News Now that Virginia may actually be a friendly state for Haley, but still believes a “good” night for her would only net her in the “low 30s.”