Editorial: Virginia a microcosm of presidential race (Free Lance Star)

free lance star

“It speaks to the process being largely over,” says Stephen Farnsworth, a University of Mary Washington political science professor who specializes in the presidency, media and politics. Super Tuesday provided the first real primary day that approximates the country as a whole, he says. No small state samples of what’s motivating voters here.

Farnsworth also points out that Virginia’s mix of voters makes it a microcosm of America—Washington-centric establishment types of both parties, evangelicals, a sizable African–American population, rural–suburban conservatives, urban liberals, tea party activists, growing Hispanic and Asian communities, as well as many active-duty military and retirees….

Farnsworth predicts Trump as the GOP nominee “will pivot and it’ll be a new TV show for a new season. He’ll give voters what they want to hear.”

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