Republicans Lining Up to Take on Kaine in Virginia (Courthouse News Service)

Steve Farnsworth, a political science professor and political analyst at the University of Mary Washington, said Republicans face quite the challenge in the Senate race. He pointed to polling for the senator, the 2017’s “blue wave” of freshmen Democrats nearly taking the state House and the impact Trump’s controversial policies and tweets continue to have on voters as reasons for any GOP candidate to be worried.

“Even in an ordinary election cycle, challenging Tim Kaine would be an uphill battle,” he said. noting the lack of well or better known candidates on the GOP ticket so far could also speak to how confident those on the right are when it comes to taking back Kaine’s seat. “The unpopularity of Trump and the nature of a midterm election which tends to be pretty anti-President … even the most vulnerable incumbents would get top tier challengers and he is not getting top tier challengers,” he said.

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