Trump’s rivals couldn’t catch him in Virginia’s GOP primary (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Opinion Column
By Stephen J. Farnsworth and Stephen P. Hanna

The 2016 Virginia Republican Primary results demonstrate the #NeverTrump GOP movement gearing up after Super Tuesday probably is doomed.

Unlike those participating in many of the earlier states in the nomination calendar — and many of the other states that also voted on Super Tuesday — Virginia’s Republican voters are a highly diverse group with something of an identity crisis. Consider the range of Virginia Republicans: national security conservatives concentrated in Hampton Roads and near the Pentagon and Quantico; evangelical conservatives who populate the state’s rural heartland; libertarians found in the exurbs of northern Virginia and Richmond; and more centrist Republicans — who care more about winning elections than ideological purity — who are particularly likely to call Fairfax or suburban Richmond home. Still others casting ballots last week were non-Republicans who chose to vote in a GOP contest in Virginia, a state that does not register voters by party.

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