What Md. and Va. lawmakers will focus on as general assemblies begin (WTOP radio)

Lawmakers in Maryland and Virginia head back to work Wednesday for the start of their respective legislation sessions, which will feature a deeply divided legislature in Maryland and a Virginia governor looking to shape his legacy.

“I tend to think Republicans majorities in the legislatures will continue to deny the governor a significant legacy on any issue that they would need to work on collaboratively,” Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science at University of Mary Washington told WTOP.

He said Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s legacy will not be anything on the magnitude of former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s big transportation package. But he said that McAuliffe is increasingly focused on the issue of economic development, trying to diversify the state’s economy beyond the heavy defense industry.

“The governor’s legacy is likely to focus on these issues of economic development,” Farnsworth said.

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