Virginia Deadlocked Over Medicaid Expansion (WAMU)

WAMUVirginia General Assembly Deadlocked Over Medicaid Expansion
WAMU, March 24, 2014

In Virginia, members of the General Assembly met today for a special session to pass a budget. But they remain deadlocked over expanding Medicaid as part of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe tried to broker a deal between the sides, offering the expansion of Medicaid as a temporary two-year pilot program. But the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee rejected that proposal. At issue is the potential expansion of the program, which offers health insurance to people who live in poverty or are living with disabilities.

“”My guess is that the Democrats will blink first, says Stephen Farnsworth, professor at the University of Mary Washington. “If Republicans in the House of Delegates today individually come to some kind of agreement with the governor, they will be primaried and they will likely be defeated in just about every district that a Republican now holds.”

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