Congressional Redistricting Process In Virginia Pushed Back To September (WAMU)

WAMU Experts say the outcome of the case will be significant for Virginia politics.

"It's pretty clear that the lines could not be more unfavorable to Democrats. So Democrats are hoping that the courts will by ordering new lines drawn create an environment that will create at least one other district the Democrats could win," says Stephen Farnsworth, a political science professor at the University of Mary Washington.

"The Virginia Democrats have been on a roll lately," Farnsworth adds. "They now hold all three statewide elected offices, plus both senate seats. But in the House of Representatives, Virginia Republicans have an 8 to 3 advantage because of gerrymandering."

The Supreme Court is expected to hold up the lower court's ruling, take up the case or ask the lower court to reconsider its ruling by the end of June.

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