Great Britain votes to leave European Union (Boston Herald)

boston herald
“The U.K. is one of the closest allies to the United states. Having a close ally like the U.K. in the EU, means the EU is more likely to cooperate with America. If the decisions are made without the U.K., the EU may be less inclined to work with the U.S. forging policy,” said Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington. “If the EU and U.K. have to deal with some kind of renegotiating of their status, that will be bad for their business. If you have manufacturers in the United Kingdom that want access to the European market, and the U.K. is out, that may mean those manufacturers may have to relocate. … For American companies doing business in the U.K., Brexit might be a very expensive proposition. The financial consequences of trying to go at it alone are pretty severe.”

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